Visual Thinking is a leading retail agency that defines, communicates and implements best practice retail experiences to drive brand performance instore.


For more than 23 years we have been dedicated to defining and transforming retailers’ most important and enduring assets — their instore brand experiences, and the retail teams who deliver them. As an agency, we have a rich heritage and a strong business case that delivers lasting change and measurable ROI. We began pioneering the power of effective brand delivery as far back as the 1990s, and remain as passionate and committed as ever.


To improve retail performance, we believe a brand must be presented instore in a way that is clearly and consistently defined, and delivers an exceptional shopper experience. Working in partnership to achieve success together, we bring together strategic insight, robust policies, interactive learning and effective implementation to realise your brand’s true potential.


In an increasingly omnichannel and shopper-centric world, unlocking the true potential of physical retail space and delivering a meaningful brand experience remains crucial to a retailer’s success and longevity. Here are just a few of the retail brands we’ve helped.
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With Visual Thinking, you will be working alongside the best minds in the business. Collectively, we have worked with many household retail names. Passionate, determined and hugely experienced individuals from different sectors, backgrounds and specialisms, everyone of our team brings a perspective and approach that clients quickly warm to. And when we come together, powerful ideas and solutions happen.

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Explorer: Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is a geographical crossroads between Europe and Asia – two very different continents with two very disparate sets of cultural differences. It means that the city is somewhat conflicted between its Middle Eastern origins and the new Western inhabitants, and it makes for a truly awe-inspiring place that seems like it is in a constant state of being reimagined – resulting in a tangible opportunity for business, especially for retailers.

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