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Counter Culture 3

By Karl McKeever | 04.08.16

The Experiential Issue

While many will be enjoying a spot of physical relaxation this summer, others will be competing: hard. Not least retailers. The pressure to perform still weighs heavy; like the hopes of an expectant nation ahead of the Rio Olympics. To borrow a sporting cliché: we are in the results business. Whether on the track
 or instore, everyone hopes the next few months will bring some great team and individual performances.

As anyone who has ever tried to make big gains knows: practice really does make perfect. It’s why having focus and clear goals is a catalyst for retail performance improvement. It’s also essential for instore teams to be motivated, to train hard and be well drilled.

Our recent work for O2 has been described as the ‘best training ever’. More importantly, the consistency it has brought to retail standards has led to a 32% increase in instore compliance. Now that’s what I call a great performance.

But being the most ‘technically perfect’ doesn’t necessarily make you the most interesting. We love sport because it can serve up the unpredictable and the unthinkable. We love shopping for the same reason. Shoppers have little time for the “me too” brigade. They want to be amazed, inspired, jolted out of their apathy. Thankfully, the power to delight, surprise, and engage is not exclusively reserved for those with the willingness and budgets to spend big. This year’s biggest sporting story made that clear. So to mainstream retailers I say this:

Try something new, be bold, be brave with how you approach developing
 your people, delivering the customer experience, and bringing the brand to life instore – be fearless. Have a clear game plan. Follow it. Then do the hard work in training that will allow you to be agile and responsive to change.

In our latest issue of Counter Culture we explore how to achieve just that, and more, with forward-thinking insight, retail comment and instore reports from around the world.

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