Milan Motorcycle Show

By Helen Bonser | 20.11.17

Milan saddled up for the biggest bike show outside of the US at the start of this month.

This biennial trade fair for the world of two-wheels has become one of the flagship events in the industry’s calendar: there were more than 1,700 exhibitors present. It’s an interesting time for motorcycle companies – as well as selling bikes, a growing number of manufacturers are exploring ways to bring the brand story to life within the retail environment in order to maximise revenue from ancillary sales, such as aftermarket products and apparel. Harley-Davidson is one such brand – keen to tap into its customer interest for living (and wearing) the Harley dream.

Harley-Davidson at EICMA, supported by Visual Thinking

EICMA represented a first for the brand, as it launched its all-new 2018 Harley-Davidson® Sport Glide™ model – a perfect blend of power, performance, and style. Never before has it held the official launch for a new bike outside of the US market.

The brand also featured a large P&A and merchandise offer. In addition to a P&A window dedicated to its limited edition copper trim and accessories, its stand featured four separate windows, showcasing its new Motorclothes Collections – Garage, Genuine, 1903 and 116th. Key colours from the collection branding were used to make a strong visual statement. The stars of the show however were undoubtedly the mini mannequin palette plinths on wheels – representing a great move on in VM execution.

Harley-Davidson 1903 range showcased

Elsewhere, Yamaha and Honda were present with a huge footprint within the hall. Both used a modern white construction across the stand and repetition of motorcycles to create a strong visual presence, although one that was noticeably clinical compared to the warm and engaging Harley feel that loyal customers know and love.



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