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By Kirsty Kean | 12.01.16

Insight Briefing: From Click to Collect

It’s post-Christmas retail figures season, and early indications show that there was huge growth in Click and Collect sales.

The news supports the findings of our own research, conducted in the run-up to Christmas 2015. Our exclusive insight report, entitled: “From Click to Collect” surveyed 176 UK mums on how and where they planned to shop Click and Collect and, most importantly, their customer experiences of doing so. To support our research, we also sent the Visual Thinking team out to record their own experiences of using Click and Collect, from a shopper perspective.



The good news: Mums braved the outdoors in numbers over the Christmas period to head instore. The bad news: a growing number of them were doing so only to collect items already purchased online.

According to our findings, 67% of mums who visited a store left without purchasing anything other than the goods they went to collect. For retailers, that’s surely worrying. As is the disconnect that clearly still exists between the world of online and instore.

The popularity of Click and Collect continues to grow, especially amongst mums. Our research found that 89% of mums planned to use Click and Collect for their festive shopping. Christmas is about spending quality time with family. But it’s also about finding the best deals and that must-have present for your child. Perhaps it’s the reason why so many mums decided to use Click and Collect.



Our report highlights the need for retailers to pay attention to the customer experience, in all its forms. Online, instore and Click and Collect services need to be blended more effectively. Yes, all operations have to generate profit. But the fact that they need to retain a symbiotic relationship also has to be better recognised. In short, they must feed each other, like parent and child, and deliver a connected and consistent retail experience for customers – regardless of channel.

Download our exclusive Click and Collect insights report, click here.

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