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La Esperanza Bakery

By Karl McKeever | 19.03.17

While many of us may still flock to our local supermarket to buy our food, more and more shoppers are increasingly placing provenance above convenience or price – seeking not only quality but also a greater degree of confidence and trust in where our food comes from, what goes into it and how it’s made.

As a result, the number of artisanal food stores is on the up. And during my most recent trip to Mexico, I came across a fine example.

Mexico City is known for many things, but rarely bread. So this was perhaps the last place I expected to find a fantastic modern bakery. Nonetheless, I discovered La Esperanza Bakery – a booming retail store that could give even the best French boulangerie a run for its money.

La Esperanza Bakery, Mexico

Where supermarket bakery counters are often riddled with gaps in displays, here, product displays are consistently maintained to an exceptionally high standard. In La Esperanza, everything oozes fresh, tasty and temptation.

What’s interesting about La Esperanza is that it’s not just a bakery shop but also a wholesale provider to local hotels and restaurants from its large production and distribution unit situated at the back of the store.

It takes the concept of show kitchen to an elevated level, presenting luxurious baked products within a modern environment. Fixtures instore are primarily black, with freshly baked goods highlighted by warm tone lighting that truly accentuates the freshness, colour and quality of products on display. It sells the idea that everything is ‘fresh from the oven’.

La Esperanza Bakery, Mexico

Shoppers can also watch the La Esperanza’s craft bakers at work through a large glass window that sits behind the stores payment desks. From preparation to baking, it’s a demonstration of skill, care and expertise that reinforces the quality and honesty of the store and its products. The instore café is the icing on the cake, allowing shoppers to buy cakes and pastries to sit in and eat or take away for lunch.

Local bakeries may once have been considered to be on the brink of extinction. But while such products may be the bread and butter of large grocery retailers, La Esperanza is evidence that through exceptional store standards, a unique shopping experience and a passionate store team, specialist bakeries very much have a future.


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