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Pride 2018

By Karl McKeever | 06.07.18

Hot on the heels of celebrations in America at the end of June, it’s London Pride this weekend.

This year’s event marks the 30th anniversary of Pride, and retailers have come out in full support like never before.

In just a few short years Pride has been transformed. Originally an event to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969, it has grown to become a truly global celebration of the LGBTQ+community and diversity, in all its forms. But Pride, it seems, is increasingly no longer under the sole ownership of its own community.

This year in New York and London, stores have gone all out. Yes, it’s a special anniversary in London but I personally have never seen Pride referenced by retailers in such a comprehensive way before. It by far outweighs World Cup displays and is, arguably, even more prevalent than mid-season Sale windows.

Whether you love it, or disapprove of Pride being ‘hijacked’ by major corporates, there is no doubt that many retailers have taken to embracing celebrations imaginatively and wholeheartedly instore. Like the event itself, it seems that Pride has made its ‘loud and proud’ mark on the annual retail calendar.


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