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Pride 2019 - Celebrating 50 years

By Marketing | 24.06.19

This year marks 50 years of the historic Stonewall riots in New York City, an event widely acknowledged as the start of the modern gay rights movement. To celebrate the joy of Pride, retailers on both sides of the Atlantic have been coming out to show their support – weaving in a mix of Pride themes, window schemes and limited edition product ranges, like never before.

Since 1969, progress in championing rights for the LGBTQ community and changing attitudes have been hard won, and at times slow. But in just a few short years, the time, energy and commitment of retailers to marking out Pride celebrations has been transformed.

Whether you love it, or disapprove of Pride being ‘hijacked’ by major corporates, there is no doubt that many retailers have taken to embracing celebrations imaginatively and wholeheartedly instore. Like the Pride community events that will be celebrated around the world in the coming weeks, Pride 2019 has made a ‘loud and proud’ mark on the retail calendar.

View our visual roundup of stores that have filled us with a sense of pride in all things retail and VM here.


STORY x Macy’s

Marking Pride 2019, its latest 'Color' story brings the full rainbow spectrum to life.

Pride and profits

Rich in diversity, store teams must also work together to achieve common goals.
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