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Søstrene Grene

By Lisa Lawson | 25.05.16

The two sisters that are tackling the blue and yellow giant

Danish retailer Søstrene Grene recently debuted in the UK. The launch of its new store in Nottingham proving that the Swedes aren’t the only ones who can stake a claim to all things aesthetic and affordable for the home.

From the outside, the store could be mistaken for a temporary pop-up shop – its plentiful use of pine fixtures delivering relatively low window impact and doing little to build a positive perception of what lies inside.

Søstrene Grene, Nottingham
Søstrene Grene, Nottingham

Instore, it shares the same small format and one-way layout shopping experience as its compatriot – variety retailer, Tiger. It’s become a now familiar Scandinavian trait, and makes drawing immediate comparisons with IKEA hard to resist.

Whilst it would be easy to label this as nothing more than an edited, reimagined version of the yellow and blue retailer’s marketplace, in truth it is far removed from it. Rattan sacks wrap the base of bay fixtures and product presentation is purposefully designed to look to unconsidered. Slavishly precise this isn’t. It’s homely, rather than ‘show home’ – more relaxed, more comfortable. It’s summed up perfectly by handwritten POS in a warm personality-filled tone that raises a smile and communicates promotional messages instore with real character and charm.

Søstrene Grene, Nottingham
Søstrene Grene, Nottingham

In contrast to Tiger’s bright, stark and somewhat frenzied – almost Japanese-like feel – the store succeeds in inducing a sense of relaxed meandering that ultimately, and importantly, slows shoppers down and increases dwell time. Walking through the store you feel cosseted by the warm brown hues of the store’s walls, the smell of natural pine fixtures, the use of subtle lighting, and by products that are curated into rich colour groupings. Meanwhile a variety of low-level fixture heights help to create interest and clear separation between accessories ranges and candles. The result is a sensory experience that envelopes you, inspires and rewards exploration.

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