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Supported International Growth.

18 Months | Embedded HQ Support | International
Visual Merchandising Support to realise ambitious growth plans.

With limited internal VM expertise, the brand needed long- term, outsourced visual merchandising support for their full calendar of planned new store openings, temporary shop-in-shops, seasonal product launch campaigns and retail promotions, including the launch of its new global flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.

We implanted our own specialist VM expertise into the Hunter support office, working closely with the brand, product and marketing teams to provide highly focused and effective visual merchandising support, when and where it was needed most.

Providing practical field-based support for the launch of new stores both in the UK and overseas, we introduced new thinking, specialist expertise within the VM policy and practical coaching on effective retail implementation.

Store teams quickly began making big strides in delivering the highest standards of product presentation. Clear evidence that the right visual merchandising support can help brands take big steps forward.




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Refocusing store teams on the importance of executing great VM, every day.


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