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Project | IKEA Russia

IKEA MEGA Russia, building an engaging retail experience.


The instore experience is a big part of the Swedish brand – but how do you replicate that worldwide? We travelled to the supersized shopping malls of Moscow to help bring the shopper journey to life.

IKEA needed to take the best aspects of its famed brand experience and pair them with the needs of its subsidiary stores, including MegaMall, based primarily in Russia. We know the most effective way to deliver training is in person, so we went to Moscow to share our knowledge and understanding with teams from several commercial shopping centres.

The focus was fostering a great understanding of the shopper journey and mindset by devising engaging development workshops, using group activities and digital media to bring the content to life and drive participation in each store. This work enabled us to share best practice across Russia, with trained teams able to use learning to benefit shopping centre owners and give customers a better, more engaging shopping experience.




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