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Transforming Store Presentation

Turning retail change management from vision into reality (at pace) is a commercial imperative for high street retailers. The current retail climate is anything but perfect, but that doesn’t mean stores can’t aim for a ‘Perfect Day’. That was the vision behind the latest nationwide initiative by fashion retailer New Look.

Rapid, intense and high energy, the turbo-charged ‘VM Refocus’ replaced previous drip fed VM coaching support for individual stores with clear, focused company-wide action, designed to introduce new store policy and drive improvements in presentation standards with accuracy, consistency, and at pace.

…simple and logical, removing all complexity

Following comprehensive and commercially proven store trials we worked across a number of model stores over a two-week period, we re-imagined store layout, product segmentation and guiding VM principles to improve operational effectiveness and the customer experience – simple and logical, removing all complexity. Thanks to highly collaborative working and the dedicated overnight support from our team, the retailer completed a range of key tasks that included moving departments, setting up wall bay configurations, implementing new fixtures and key focal points.

…proving that better brand execution seriously benefits the bottom line too

It was followed by a one-day VM briefing session that would resonate with store managers – communicating and confirming essential retail and VM standards in easy to understand ways. Most importantly of all, we equipped teams with the knowledge and guidelines needed to work through challenges and implement ‘what good looks like’ consistently, in every store. Further support will come in the shape of additional national model store set-ups and intensive group learning sessions.

The result has allowed New Look to quickly build momentum across the business, creating the foundations for better store presentation delivery not just for ‘one day’, but today and every day. It’s also proving that better brand execution seriously benefits the bottom line too. Looking good has never looked so commercially attractive.



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