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New Look

Transforming Store Presentation

9 Months | Model Store Trials | 500 UK Stores Rollout


Removing complexity from New Look’s visual merchandising policy helped to revitalise and reinvigorate the brand. The results? A simplified customer journey, easier shopability and a more agile, balanced execution for trend items, key lines, and everyday wardrobe essentials.

New Look was seeking to represent its fast fashion products more effectively in a way that was quickly and affordably scalable. We took them right back to basics, flipping existing instore presentation thinking on its head. This meant a more flexible and adaptable system for instore VM delivery and redefining the store look-and-feel in terms of space, layout and fixtures, presentation methods and POS.

This elevated brand look resulted in easier product choice with more attractive, authoritative product statements.

This was all supported by the New Look ‘Best Dressed’ guidelines, which communicated all the important need-to-knows for general daily store setup. A mix of essential best practice do’s and don’ts, quick reference shortcuts and easy-to-follow illustrations made it perfectly suited to the realities of retail life.

A fresh look at policies, bringing instore clarity? Now that’s something that will never go out of style.



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