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New Look

VM Capability and Flexibility

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Achieving higher instore standards, better VM delivery and improved look-and-feel instore, without increasing staff costs? Yes, it is possible, as we proved when New Look turned to us for expert VM training and development support.

Starting afresh, we ripped up the rule book. It was time for VM learning with increased flexibility that inspired people to do the right things in the right way, to deliver results. We developed a more supporting mindset for New Look, along with the behaviours and confidence to work with the new VM principles.

A great way to reinstate the basics in effective retail communication.

Our training workshops helped to refocus store teams on the importance (sometimes forgotten) of executing ‘great VM’ alongside their other daily retail tasks, instilling a sense of success and pride. This was about ‘freedom within a framework’, giving stores flexibility to suit their individual needs, seasonal campaigns and fashion trends.

Empowering the people to make their own decisions and to understand just how they make a difference is a sure fire way to achieve higher, more consistent standards of VM excellence.


New Look

Flexible and adaptable VM policy to deliver for improved retail performance.

New Look

Refocusing store teams on the importance of executing great VM, every day.
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