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Digital tool signals improved retail compliance in O2 stores.


In an industry where seamless digital integration is everything, we showed O2 how to use technology to raise store standards and build better daily compliance checks.

Our ambition was to engage O2 teams, change behaviour and develop a deep culture of excellence across its stores. We created a “Love What You Do – Visual Excellence” digital tool, designed specifically for the job of maintaining the consistency of both the customer experience and retail standards, with clear tasks and daily checklists.

Compliance with minimum store standards increased from 64% to over 96%. Engaging and intuitive, the tool created synergy between the Stores of the Future and the wider O2 estate, while providing management with clear performance visibility. It was also shortlisted for Instore Innovation of the Year at the 2016 Retail Systems Awards. The O2 digital tool – showcasing the very best in digital retail communication.




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