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How visual excellence raised the bar instore.


As a trusted telecoms brand, O2 understands the value of delivering a clear signal and consistent coverage. They came to us to find out how to do the same instore and deliver the ultimate shopper experience across all retail formats.

Appointed to lead its visual store excellence project, we set the bar high from the outset. It meant drawing up detailed minimum standards for all stores to follow, ensuring the O2 brand experience was sharp, focused and consistent in each and every one of its stores.

Our teams engaged hundreds of O2 team members, across the UK and Ireland, in learning experiences that were informative and engaging, winning their confidence as well as hearts and minds, to create a culture of positive change. The end result was improved operating efficiency across the board, with the right people doing the right things consistently well.




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Clearer picture of brand delivery helps Sony transform instore experience.


New VM guidelines and digital tool provide the competitive edge instore.
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