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Strong connection helps O2 to think differently.

What’s your future retail purpose? Being able to take a wider view on future store development is an issue that will be familiar to many brands right now.

Telco retailers always have one eye on tomorrow. In terms of advances in technology – that’s a given. But in this highly competitive sector, being able to constantly ‘up your game’ to deliver a retail experiences that’s relevant and engaging is just as important.

“…helping to shape the O2 customer experience of tomorrow”

We examined this and more with an in-depth review of existing O2 stores, retail trends analysis and a comprehensive customer research project – helping O2 to see what the customer sees, and wants to see in the stores of the future. Our work much further than simply providing playback: our trusted insight helping to stimulate thinking for the O2 senior leadership team to build on and they prepare for the future.

The result is helping to shape the O2 customer experience of tomorrow by adding insight and focus to retail plans in ways that will help connect the brand and its instore proposition to future customer needs.

“This is just why we come to you”
Deborah Boyd-Evans, Head of Store Development

For O2, continued success means having a trusted partner that can challenge the business to think differently, in highly relevant and appropriate ways. And thanks to a partnership that goes back many years, our deep knowledge of O2’s business, the wider telco sector and global retail best practice, mean Visual Thinking remains the first call for respected and far-reaching insight.



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