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The Original Factory Shop

Redefining visual policy, engaging hearts and minds.


The Original Factory Shop is an integral part of the local community, bringing customers the ‘thrill of a bargain’. When they wanted to inject the wow factor into their stores, transforming them from traditional discounter to inspiring and authoritative price warriors, they asked us to step in.

With an already loyal band of store teams, the challenge for us was to develop new visual policy and engage teams so they could play pivotal part in the change process. So we created the POP programme – presentation, operations, performance – moving away from a culture of ‘good enough’ to one focused on delivering better, every day. But still retaining the essence of the brand, so beloved by its regulars.

Starting with the basics, we devised a new set of store standards and created a series of zones and destinations with clear navigation to showcase products to best effect. Next we set about ensuring transformation could be delivered effectively at scale, and with pace through a series of learning workshops.

Energising and empowering store teams to own the changes being made in their stores, we took the message to 750+ colleagues, across 20% of the store estate, and all in just 8 weeks. But we were also with them every step of the way, creating implementation guides and daily checklists to support the reboot and keep the energy flowing.



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Focus on VM best practice sees garden centres sales flourish.
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