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VM policy makeover transforms instore sales.


Robust visual merchandising policy to raise brand impact,

Our team embarked on a major VM initiative to redefine store presentation guidelines for Sheridan UK, a transformation that will define the future. Designed to bring all its concession stores into line, along with selected wholesale retail accounts within its European business, we were asked to develop a set of easy-to-implement standards that could be applied consistently across the brand.

We directed the entire process, looking at all areas of the brand’s store environment: use of retail space, display equipment, styling techniques, and even future requirements of the business – all with an underpinning of a commitment to instore best practice. The Visual Thinking team was able to document clear principles and techniques – translated into Spanish and Portuguese – to re-energise the brand, and guide Sheridan’s retail teams. The work has transformed store presentation standards, resulting in a 31% sales uplift since being introduced.





Serving up leading standards of VM execution within general merchandise.


Putting the focus on delivering signature store standards, like never before.
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