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Driving Improved VM Standards for Clothing and Accessories

Iconic British motorcycle brand Triumph has been revving up investment to deliver improved VM Standards in retail merchandising.

Representing a significant gear change for Triumph showrooms, we set about helping the brand to develop premium VM and retail standards – delivering on its aim of creating lifestyle retail experience to grow sales of Clothing and Accessories.

Our work re-presented all variations of product. From Triumph’s core range of bikes to riding wear, casual clothing, GM and accessories. Layouts were adapted, shelves re-worked, clutter removed with a focus on delivering improved VM standards, helping dealerships to get more from its existing retail trading space. New equipment enhancements was also prototyped, POS designed and developed, and improved VM standards principles created where nothing previously existed.

“I don’t know how you’ve done it… creating space but still having the same amount of products in the shop as what we had before.”

Harnessing the commercial power of improved VM standards, our specialist VM delivery, training and support focused on executing retail merchandising basics well and, more importantly, empowering the need for to raise showroom VM standards as a complimentary part to how the Triumph brand moved forward as a premium lifestyle retailer.

Supported by extensive VM training and support, we helped to win hearts and minds across the dealer network. The result? A team of people who are fully engaged, equipped with the correct tools, policies and procedures, and bursting with enthusiasm and pride in a ‘job well done’.

And fully supported with the correct tools, policies and procedures to ensure retail standards can be maintained daily.

The impact, vision and strength of VM are compelling. Delivering a cohesive customer experience that makes sense for customers and makes a visible difference to showroom performance.


New Look

Rapid, intense and high energy, our ‘VM Refocus’ delivered improved presentation standards, at pace.


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