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Our in-depth retail audit helped shape the future of world-class VM delivery and instore beauty experience.

Unilever Prestige Group brings together a stunning collection of premium beauty brands. Maximising each brand’s retail potential meant achieving a leadership position in what has become a crowded and potentially confusing sector due to the rise of online beauty sites.

Understanding that delivering improvements in instore visual execution is about much more than simple “beautification”, the business was keen to gain insight and new thinking to cement their premium position in the retail space while staying true to their brand and target audiences. To achieve this, they approached Visual Thinking to conduct a detailed review of its current retail execution, brand wide.

Visual Thinking conducted a detailed review of the delivery of each Unilever Prestige brand instore including: the retail environment, VM principles, fixture-use, selling and service features etc., as well as researching the leading-edge beauty retail and consumer trends. We revealed that shoppers still love to shop for beauty products in physical stores —but they need to see and feel confident that a brand delivers an elevated customer experience that offers superior product presentation, trusted advice and great customer service. It confirmed that in the premium brand space, there is great potential to drive future sales and win back internet purchasers.

A better understanding of how premium beauty brands need to look, feel, and function in a retail environment

By researching the existing customer experience of each brands as well as many competitor brands, including small product and specialist retailers, we helped to provide a glimpse into what it really means to deliver retail best practice in an approachable yet premium way.

After completing multi-site visits across UK and international locations — taking in department stores and standalone stores – as well as extensive desk research, the team utilised these findings in a comprehensive playback session to the senior leadership team within Unilever Prestige Group.

We identified key opportunities and development options that, if maximised, could deliver visible benefits to instore presentation, team engagement and the overall customer experience. With a better understanding of how premium beauty brands need to look, feel, and function in a retail environment, Visual Thinking has given Unilever Prestige Group the insight and momentum it needs to shine instore. Ultimately enabling Unilever Prestige Group brands to deliver a signature identity and communicate its core proposition to shoppers and make a lasting, rejuvenating impact on retail performance.


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