Counter Culture 6

The Performance Issue.
Enough talk of transformation, what your stores need is real, effective change… and fast.


Counter Culture is our free digital magazine, providing retail marketing professionals with insight, analysis and opinion to help drive retail performance.

With a razor-sharp focus on the barriers to success, we explore how retailers can achieve immediate breakthroughs to deliver real changes in the physical store environment.

Download your free copy now and learn how to turnaround your stores’ performance, not in years or months… but in weeks.

Inside this issue:

  • Focused Lens. Redefining change means bringing a sense of purpose to your strategy, and taking decisive action.
  • Balancing Act. Only by getting the fundamentals right can retailers truly deliver commercial success.
  • Squeeze More. In these challenging times, being able to get are the ones who will drive performance success.
  • Frontline Battle. As change becomes inevitable for many, how can embattled retailers steer a clear path to better times?
  • Plus the new future for flagship stores, fresh thinking in grocery merchandising, and why finding a cutting edge has never been more vital.

Don’t miss this chance to boost retail sales. Snap up this FREE digital download and take action to create better stores. And do it today.


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