Build the foundations for instore success. Visual Thinking specialises in services that transform retail productivity. From identifying the challenges and defining store presentation, through to team engagement, implementation and beyond. We create opportunities for retailers to deliver positive changes in brand culture, instore operations and the shopper experience.

Retail Analysis

We use store visits, visual evidence, and analytics to provide direction and inform decision-making – giving retailers an unbiased view on the issues affecting the customer experience, team performance, retail operations, and visual merchandising.

icon_expertise_insight_researchStitched ThroughMonsoon400 team members aligned

Policy Development

Define clear brand policies that a retailer needs to transform the shopper experience across every store retail touchpoint. We develop brand guidelines for real-world implementation, creating store-ready retail policies to improve commercial performance.

icon_expertise_policy_developmentSheridanPlumped Up+31% UK

Retail Communications

Communicate how brand strategy, retail standards and the customer experience should be delivered instore. We plan, develop and produce communication tools and content that speaks to retail teams at all levels – cascading processes, responsibilities, and actions to deliver effective and consistent brand experiences across every touchpoint.

icon_expertise_retail_communicationsRegattaThe Right Route+20% YOY Ireland

Embed Change

Shape brand culture and inspire employees around a brand’s proposition. We focus on permanent change – getting retail teams to buy in to the importance of achieving retail excellence in every store, every day, and their individual roles in meeting the needs of the brand and customers instore.

icon_expertise_team_engagementWilkoSqueaky Clean+18% YOY company wide

Capability Development

Change the instore culture and ensure team members are aligned with, and passionate about your brand proposition. Expressing your visions and values, defining the purpose and developing core skills, we provide retail and VM training that fulfils the potential of both people and brand strategy.

icon_expertise_capability_developmentSainsbury’sFashionably Forward500 colleagues trained

Digital Learning

Create powerful digital solutions that aid team development and improve operational efficiency, ranging from online training to interactive real-time apps. Every solution is crafted for specific brand needs, delivering engaging user experiences that support best practice retail implementation, seamlessly and consistently.

icon_expertise_digital_media_e-learningTriumphWheels in Motion600 dealers inspired

Consistent Standards

Achieve leading retail standards instore through clear communication. We create the guidelines, tools, and communication a retailer needs to rollout and embed retail best practice. From instore manuals to engaging training materials and intuitive apps, we provide the means to deliver consistent brand delivery, and improve instore results.

icon_expertise_consistent_implementationBig WNation Building+27% YOY pilot stores

Customer Experience

Deliver distinctive, consistent, and powerful retail environments that can deliver memorable customer experiences and drive greater engagement. We understand the way shoppers shop, how the instore environment can make or break brand loyalty, and the VM tools to use to deliver increased sales.

icon_expertise_customer_experienceHarley-DavidsonRiding High+24% YOY EMEA region

Measurable Change

Ensure instore strategy is delivering the performance you demand. We demonstrate the true business impact of your investment with clear KPI and ROI measures, providing insight into the measurable changes taking place instore – improvements in team engagement, operational effectiveness, and the shopper experience.

icon_expertise_measurable_returnO2Better Connected96% compliance UK stores