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At Costanera Center shopping mall – connected to Latin America’s tallest building in the Chilean capital of Santiago – the recently opened Wrangler flagship store is the latest incarnation of the famous denim brand’s retail design concept.

Like its jeans, the overall aesthetic is as practical as it is fashionable – a unique combination of look and functionality. The exterior of the store is dominated by window displays that are simply executed, with large format POS, transparent gels and neatly styled mannequins. There is also a side window that creates an intriguing 360° view, with a fixture of precisely folded denim reversed into store.


Bold use of Wrangler’s signature brand colours permeates throughout…

Wrangler’s American roots are on full display. Bold use of the brand’s signature colours permeates throughout, with house blue and yellow palette carried through from the exterior and incorporated into the design of the store’s fixtures and fittings.

Bright, stylish and uncomplicated, the overall store design is simple and easy to navigate, thanks to a well-proportioned and balanced interior layout features. Hinting at its ‘American’ North Carolina origin, its cowboy heritage is modernised through the use of poster-lined walls, Instagram friendly imagery and themed propping – cactus plants, wire baskets and rolled denim styles are in abundance.


Every aspect of expert VM execution has been considered…

Inside, the store places an emphasis on maximising product presentation with style choice and option density. Vertical blocked denim on shelves takes space and design priority, with adjacent hanging fixtures enabling customers to easily browse collections. Using the critical mass of denim and related goods, together with a high attention to detail in presentation techniques, results in a visually impactful and premium look. Every aspect of expert VM execution has been considered, right down to the position of POS tickets tucked under pockets of jackets and shirts, but also in the consistency of size indicators and POS placement used. Menu style ‘fit’ guides are supported with the presentation of the laid denim showing detail of cuffs and hems. For added ‘vintage Americana’ concept theming, the fitting room has retro movie theatre style signage, framing products in light bulb banners to add a sense of fun, and brand personality to the store design.

As a brand, Wrangler may not be as deeply rooted in authenticity and originality, or the quintessential American brand like Levi’s, but it is up there. It will be interesting to see if the brand has the capability and skillset to continue moving the brand forward and build sales post-VF Corp spin-off. This store certainly demonstrates there is reason for optimism – paying respect to its heritage while also delivering a well-executed and contemporary retail experience that will be sure to attract Wrangler’s die-hard customers and new brand followers alike.

You can read our Wrangler ‘VM & Retail Policy Manual’ case study, here.

By Karl McKeever

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