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Telco retailers always have one eye on tomorrow – that’s a given. In a highly competitive sector, O2 knows that success means challenging itself to think differently.

Our task was to carry out an in-depth review of existing stores, retail trends analysis and comprehensive customer research.

We helped O2 to see what the customer sees and wants to see in-store. Places not just to transact, but to interact, engage and connect.

Key Numbers

  • 50

    Stores reviewed

  • 50

    Customer depth interviews





The project explored more than just the physical elements that make up current O2 stores. It asked the important question of what their future purpose should be.

We talked to shoppers first-hand, explored both the big themes, and probed every element of what does (and should) make an O2 store different from the rest.

No assumptions or flawed interpretations. Just unbiased, candid and trusted insight that could be relied on to make informed decisions.





Our specialist insight helped shape the O2 customer experience of tomorrow – adding focus to retail plans that will ensure it stays better connected to changing customer needs.

Thanks to our insight into global retail best practice, and detailed understanding of the O2 brand, our review helped to stimulate internal thinking and support senior leadership decisions as they took the vital first steps in defining future strategy.

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