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Benefit from years of combined experience working at a strategic and operational level for major retailers of every size and sector.

Optimised Solutions

Digital Tools

From the initial scoping of ideas to the development of full user experience (UX), user interface (UI), project management, ongoing technical support, and everything in between. We bring in-depth experience of developing a range of digital tools to optimise in-store performance.


In-Store Presentation

Our highly skilled team are specialists in advising clients on how to plan, develop and implement successful VM programs in-store. We also provide temporary VM support—adding key expertise and skills to existing resources to help you do your best work.


Team Development

Our in-house trainers are true specialists in VM learning and development. Over the years we’ve engaged the hearts and minds of thousands of retail people, developing the essential VM knowledge and skills needed to succeed.


Visual Operations

We support agile, focused and efficient changes to visual operations. Where it matters, however it’s required. Getting stores, space and people working not just harder, but smarter to increased in-store productivity and the bottom line.


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Leadership Team

  • Karl McKeever

    Managing Director


    I founded Visual Thinking in 1993. I spend my time helping clients make sense of where they are and where to go next. That means shaping ideas that will enable clients to be more agile, productive and transform both in-store presentation and team development to enhance the total retail experience. During my career, I’ve advised brands across the UK, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and South East Asia. When not overseeing projects, I’m speaking at industry events and to the media.

Kirsty Kean

Lead Retail Specialist


I’ve worked in the industry for 18 years, in the fashion, general merchandise and travel sectors. As Lead Retail Specialist, I manage key client accounts. You’ll constantly find me at the heart of our major in-store change programs, helping clients to connect the dots between strategy and implementation. I’m also actively involved in developing new business, talking to new and existing clients about exciting opportunities to partner together – encouraging them to think differently, be brave and deliver change with purpose.

Suzanne Tanner

Senior Retail Specialist


My past roles within John Lewis and Marks & Spencer underpin my belief that effective visual operations are integral to retail success. As a senior retail specialist, I am responsible for the running of multiple client projects – most recently for Triumph Motorcycles, Waitrose and New Look. I guide teams in how to interpret and land VM projects that are customer-focused and commercially sound. I love the challenge a new brief brings, no matter how big.

Helen Bonser

Senior Retail Specialist


I’ve worked in retail for over 18 years, for the likes of H&M, Marks & Spencer…the list goes on. In my role, I focus on making in-store presentation better for shoppers, easier to manage, and commercially productive. I enjoy the challenge of adapting existing VM policy and also creating one from scratch. My work at Visual Thinking has taken me all across the world – giving me valuable experience in how to engage retail teams across different markets and cultures.

Lisa Lawson

Senior Retail Specialist


I joined Visual Thinking in 2013 after two decades at one of the UK’s biggest general merchandise retailers. While there, I was responsible for creating and delivering key in-store projects during the most transformational period in its history. My operations background means that detail, clarity, and efficiency are a huge passion of mine. You’ll often find me involved throughout the entire process of a project – from initial planning conversations to solution implementation and performance reviews at the end.

Marc Baker

Marketing Manager


As Marketing Manager, I’m in charge of managing the way we connect with our clients and partners. That means sharing our latest insight, thinking and projects with the world – whether at events, through the media or across our website and social channels. In between overseeing marketing strategy and making sure the marketing function runs smoothly, I’m responsible for juggling the creation of our latest insight reports, thought-leadership pieces or blog posts.

Tina Emerson

Learning & Development


I’m a firm believer that the retail industry’s greatest asset is its people. Day to day, I spend my time shaping team development projects that will transform behaviours. That means helping people to do their work, supporting change management programs, team engagement and delivering vital skills and performance coaching. Over the years, my work has taken me across private, public and charitable sectors. But my heart is, and has always remained, firmly in retail.

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