Counter Culture 5

We explain the reasons for retail optimism in the latest issue of Counter Culture – our free digital magazine filled with insight, analysis and opinion to help transform store performance.

Inside this issue:

  • Come together – Age, gender, language, culture, interests, base-level knowledge and skills – even the driver for working in retail at all. Stores are rich in diversity, but retailers must find ways to bring people together to towards a common goal.
  • Positively different – Part of a much larger movement of gender liberation, the growth of unisex fashion poses serious questions for the traditional, rigidly gendered retail sales markets of mens- wear and womenswear.
  • Waste not – As business costs continue to rise, retailers can no longer afford to waste investment, hours and effort through failure to achieve a ‘right first time’ approach in-store.
  • Small wonders – Over in Finland, retailer Costo is one of many aspiring, cool entrepreneurial brands proving that sustainability can be good for business, and for the planet. Offcuts have never been sexier.

While these are clearly difficult times (we’ll be avoiding talk of Brexit), the emphasis for this issue is most definitely on the positive. We’ve rounded up inspiring stories of change, opportunity and hope, that prove better is possible. We talk footwear; grocery; shopper loyalty; diversity; how retailers can make wasted in-store resources a thing of the past; and much more.

Once again offering informed opinion and insight, guest contributors in this issue include Marketing Week journalist, Jo Roberts, trend forecaster and journalist, Alfred Tong, and shopper psychologist Kate Nightingale, among others.


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