Counter Culture 2

Best practice VM in retail. Applying a visual eye and a thinking mind to fly the flag for global retail best practice.

Counter Culture is our free digital retail magazine, providing retail professionals with insight, analysis and opinion to help transform store performance.

Inside this issue:

  • How Australian retailers are making friends all around the world
  • Why better developed and more engaging store teams has never been so crucial
  • The successes and cautionary tales of retailers extending their values into new sectors
  • Exclusive: An insight into the retail future of Baku
  • A Pinpoint the next generation of malls popping up across the world

Most shoppers are actually against consuming every aspect of a shopping experience via a backlit screen. Instead, they long for retail teams with the ability to switch what and
 how they buy products and services in-store with inspiring environments. In this issue of Counter Culture, we delve deeper into the what’s and the how’s of unchallenged shopper experiences.


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