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Retail is under pressure. So are store teams. Added responsibility, complex processes and a lack of core skills can leave them feeling unsure how to manage in-store plans and overwhelmed. All that adds up to poor productivity and lost sales.


How do you make your stores better, faster?

That’s why retailers choose Visual Thinking to help them work in ways that optimise store performance. Take back control of visual operations and set up your stores for success. Visual Thinking helps store teams to stay focused on key in-store priorities, develop skills and increase productivity—all while putting tools at their fingertips, and enabling you to stay on top of everything they are doing. Now you really can do it all.

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Key Benefits

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Share updated policy

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Define clear priorities

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Align teams quickly

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Improve productivity

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Build essential skills

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Turn policy into action


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Digital Tools

Increase Store Productivity

Enabling you to connect virtually with field operations and teams at store-level – getting everyone up to speed faster. Provide clearer and faster access to essential retail and VM policies. Bring retail and VM policy to life confidently in a rich, informative and supportive format. Reduce the time it takes to get work done and improve results. Identify where and how to support your stores, quickly and accurately.

How we can help

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Virtual Store Setups

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Digital VM Planograms

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Online VM Guidelines

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Brand Standards Mircosites

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Retail Team Communications



Centralise policy guidelines

Simplify, streamline and coordinate information to reduce duplication, overlap and confusion in communications. Essential in times of rapid change.


Keep teams focused and aligned

As easy to deploy, as they are to use. Everything retail teams need, all in one place. Drive effective retail and VM implementation and share detailed reporting, instantly.


Share updates with everyone

Instantly share important retail and VM updates fast, accurately, and to all. Maximum effectiveness. 100% in-store compliance.


Work together, even when you’re apart

Keep all your stores in the loop and priorities in focus. Clear, easy-to-follow guidance to save time, confusion and missteps.


“Your digital tool changed our mindset and standards of VM execution, for the better. Streets ahead.”

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In-Store Presentation

Improve Retail Execution

Faster, more accurate execution of store-level retail and VM policy – trusted by retail’s leading names. Create a single source of truth for accurate VM execution, store standards and retail policy implementation. Transform your current VM approach, retail tools and existing staff resources. Or outsource your entire VM and retail support needs to a team of experienced and respected professionals.

How we can help

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Store Policy Reviews

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM Policy Consultation

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM Guideline Development

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Temporary VM Support

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Campaign Implementation

Focus on VM priorities

Clearly define the retail policy and visual guidelines that store teams rely upon daily to do their job well. Eliminating confusion and missteps, once and for all.


Simplify in-store operations

Complex or unnecessary in-store processes wastes hours each day. Simplify in-store priorities. Focus minds. And give teams the ability to spot and solve issues quickly.


VM expertise, when you need it

Time and in-house resources in short supply? Scale and adjust VM resources to meet your goals. Get critical work done faster, with outsourced VM support.


Smart investment where needed

Manage the transition from in-house to outsourced support, seamlessly. Work in a way that’s lean and agile. Keep the momentum going, save costs – get it all done.


“You supported us, went with us, and made us better along the way. We couldn’t have realised our plans without you.”

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Team Development

Develop Team Skills

Retail success depends on collaboration between many people, from head office to field teams and retail store staff. Empower store teams to do their best work. Give them access to in-demand skills, on-demand. Sharpen their knowledge and skills so they can deliver plans right-first-time – confidently and consistently. All while reducing costs.

How we can help

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM Skills Assessment

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Digital VM Learning Tools

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Practical VM Skills Workshops

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Display Styling

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Train the Trainer Coaching



Empower your greatest assets

Develop the essential knowledge and skills needed to deliver retail best practice – in every store, every day. From basic VM principles to maintaining store standards.


Up-skill teams, at speed

Getting store teams up-to-speed shouldn’t slow you down. Develop essential retail know-how in a way that meets your needs and reflects new ways of working.


Keep teams in sync

Get everyone on the same page. Clear guidance and training on retail best practice. Dynamically updated to reflect your latest strategy and plans.


Connect through digital learning

Let store teams tap into the latest in digital learning. Sharpen basic skills, dive into specifics and improve their ability to apply new thinking, quickly.


“You have transformed how we manage visual operations, consistently across all areas of the retail space.”

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Visual Operations

Focus Store Priorities

Define what to do next and now. Synchronise operational and commercial focus, better manage the use of resources, and achieve critical KPI deliverables with renewed purpose. Actionable strategic and tactical support to help you think and work differently to meet today’s new retail challenges.

How we can help

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Auditing and Benchmarking

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM team and role reviews

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Visual Operations Programs

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Staff Productivity Tools

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Remote VM Management

Think and work differently

Improve project planning. Align priorities. Ensure visual operations run smoothly while providing the environment store teams need to do their best work.


Right tasks, right people

Balance dynamic operational needs against the capacity of your own team. Identify and scale resource requirements. Bring people together to take action.


Launch programs faster

Take charge of how you approach VM to flawlessly manage multi-faceted store standards programs and other brand campaigns more effectively than ever.


See everything – measure anything

Peace of mind that everything is done, as planned. Track VM programs across your stores. Enjoy greater visibility of in-store compliance, and make better decisions.


“The business has made a step-change in its approach to VM thanks to you. The results are clear to see.”

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